Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is The IP Of Server? 

Minecraft Server IP: play.ugnetwork.gq

2) How To Buy Ranks?

Goto Ranks Page And Buy One That You Like!

3) Where Is Discord Server Link?

You Can Find It In Home Page

4) What Are The Rules Of Your Minecraft Server?

You Can Do /rules In Our Server To See Our Server Rules

5) Is Your Minecraft Server Child Friendly?

Yes, It Is!

5) How To Report A Player In Minecraft Server?

You Can Easily Report A Player By Doing /report playername reason

6) Is Hacking Allowed In Your Server?

Try NOT to Hack On Our Server. We Have Anticheat's And Also Different Staff Members, They Can Ban You Easily!

7) How To Suggest?

You Can Suggest Us By Emailing, Type Your Suggestions In Discord Server.

If Any More Questions, You Can Email Us At contact@ugnetwork.cf